Engine Instructions

Engine Instructions

Bandimere Winning Team


This past Sunday at Bandimere Speedway FINELINE hosted the 2006 FINELINE Hot Rod Happening event. A Hugh car show, vendor area and a big drag race. Steve and the FINELINE staff along with the Bandimere group did an amazing job.

The highlight of the day came from a big team effort in the toughest/fastest class of racecars that run at Bandimere on a regular basis. “FAST 16”

You will never see “Fast 16” on TV but let me tell you, this is a group of racers that spend “BIG” money on going as fast as they can. High horse power, high dollar cars, putting on a great show. 

Until a few months back, MADCAP had never attempted to build an engine combination to compete in this class. You see, at most “Fast 16” events there is 34-40 cars trying to qualify for the 16-car field. Quite frankly MADCAP’s focus has been on other type of engines that run in other classes. Well that all changed last Sunday!

MADCAP has been working on this new combination since last December. Now it was time to put up or shut up!

We asked our outside sales team from Las Vegas to come up to Denver and race the “Fast 16” class at the FINELINE event. Chris and Justin Lamb agreed to take a few days off and make the trip to Denver and help us out. We also asked Steve Johnson to pull the engine out of his racecar and stuff one of the new ones in the frame rails of his dragster too. We figured if we doubled our chances one of the teams may be able to crack this super tuff field.

In an effort to keep this short I am proud to tell you that both cars qualified for the 16-car field!

Justin Lamb qualified number 11 and Steve Johnson number 12. What a major accomplishment for the MADCAP staff. They were the talk of the racetrack. Putting two cars in the field at their first attempt at “Fast 16”

Without getting too technical here let me try to explain something. Up until MADCAP showed up, all of the engines in this class were either super charged, turbo charged, running Methanol fuel or Nitrous injected. Engine builders have always known you can take an average engine and turn it into a great engine by adding a super charger, turbo, or nitrous. The guys at MADCAP set out to raise the standard. They wanted pure horsepower. Their new engine combination runs race gas, a single carburetor, and produces an amazing amount of unassisted horsepower. Just think where they will be when they add another carburetor or if we added nitrous! 

Now if the story ended there we could have gone home walking a little bit taller. Well, it gets better. Justin Lamb went on and won the event! Yep, won the event. Justin took out the point’s leader and the number 1 qualifier in rounds one and two. With the new MADCAP horsepower, that kid can drive.

 I don’t want to forget about the other MADCAP engine. Steve Johnson ended up the race runner up! Yes, the two MADCAP cars went to the finals and had to race each other. It was an amazing sight. Steve and his FINELINE dragster took out some heavy hitters on his way to racing Justin Lamb.

I had the opportunity to watch both teams, both crews and Kevin Smith work as one big team. Team MADCAP RACING ENGINES did an amazing job and I assure you they did us all proud.

Thanks to everyone who helped and watched.