Engine Instructions

Engine Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of a MADCAP RACING ENGINES Terminator or Super Terminator Engine. We have used the highest quality parts in the industry to assemble your engine and we have numerous inspection points throughout the process of building this engine. The stress a race engine goes through can cause failure at times. Following the listed instructions in this book can help increase the time you spend racing and winning. If you ever have any questions we ask you to call us here at Madcap. 1-800-349-8590.

Your Engine Number is located on Drivers Side front next to water pump.

We have taken great care in building your engine and there are steps that must be done by you to maximize the performance of your engine.

Every engine has had a leak down test performed on it after the dyno session. We have checked all spark plugs and valve spring pressures. Note: After you install your new engine and have performed ALL the steps on this sheet, warm your engine up and do a leak down test before you go racing and compare your test results with ours. This will show any variance in the gauges.

Your engine was shipped to you with a clean oil filter but you MUST ADD OIL before starting.


When installing your new or freshened engine make sure that you do not force the Torque Converter up toward the flex plate. Double check to make sure Converter has front to rear play and IS NOT pinched in place. This will wipe out the thrust bearing in a matter of seconds when you start your engine.

If you are running a throttle stop and you are required to turn your carb Backwards. Make sure and switch the jet extensions and THE FLOATS so they are both on the back (rear) side of your carb.

The timing of your engine has been set at MADCAP. You MUST double-check the timing with a high quality timing light
DO NOT GUESS! We have found different boxes may change the timing.

Some engines are assembled with a triple valve spring for higher RPM usage. The Triple springs can cause the valve seals to walk up the valves. If you have triple springs you must look or move the seals back down EVERY time you adjust the valves.

Valves should be adjusted before 1st round at every race and then again after the event is over. Take your time with this. Check all valve springs. Spin all push rods and make sure done have bent or starting to gall.

Remove all spark plugs after every 10 runs and double-check them. Make sure none of them are closed, bent, not firing etc.

Check all intake manifold bolts, timing cover bolts, oil pan bolts after every 15-20 runs. Make sure none have loosened up. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN any bolts.

Crank Trigger gap is always set at .050.

DO NOT MOVE CAMSHAFT TIMING. If your engine is equipped with a Jesel Belt Drive, do not adjust cam timing. If you have questions you must call MADCAP before you change anything

Change your engine oil and cut apart your filter after 25 runs. Inspect your filter. Send filter back ASAP if you are concerned.

Change your spark plugs after 25-30 runs, Take care and Gap each plug to recommended gap. Index plugs if needed.

Your engine will perform at its peak at 120-130 deg. Water temp. NEVER start a run if your temp is over 180*