After Your Run...

Engine Instructions

Dear MADCAP customer,

The 2006 season is winding down and we know most of you had a great year of racing. We have been really busy here at the shop and things are good. Our new 632 cubic inch engine has been doing well and we are continuing to develop new things for all our customers.

We wanted to remind our customers how important the shut down procedure is on the life and performance of your engine. The practice of just taking your foot off the gas and allowing your engine to wind down is NOT RECOMMENDED.

We want to encourage all our customers to get in the habit of clicking your car into neutral and shutting your engine off. When you lift at the end of run oil will always flow to the front of your pan (away from the pickup) and drop your oil pressure lower than normal. Even though we use and install the best oil pans on the market, the oil will still flow forward. If you simple put the car in neutral and click the engine this will never have any adverse effects on your engine.

The other option is for you to consider installing an accumulator system on your racecar. This is a relativity low cost insurance policy for oil pressure.

We have all seen a lot of win lights in 06 and making a simple change in taking care of your MADCAP engine will ensure many more victories on your side of the track.